Foods to Avoid when Prone to Heartburn

Doctor and patient discussing his illness while the patient is holding his chest

Foods to Avoid when Prone to Heartburn

You put your hand up to your chest and react to the burning sensation in that part of your body. You are going through the experience of dealing with heartburn. It might be a more severe or less severe case, but it is uncomfortable. You will want to find relief from the experience as soon as possible. You can take certain steps to reduce the heartburn you are dealing with. In particular, changing your diet is likely a move you should take if you wish to steer clear of heartburn symptoms moving forward. Certain foods are most likely to cause heartburn, and it is vital to know what kind of foods those are so you can work on avoiding them.

How do You Know if You Have Heartburn?

The experience of heartburn is a unique one. The pain and discomfort associated with it is memorable simply because it is so frustrating to deal with. The Mayo Clinic explains that some of the symptoms of heartburn include the following:

– A burning pain in the chest

– Pain that is made worse when lying down or bending over

– An acidic taste in the mouth

– A burning sensation felt, specifically in the chest

– Nausea

Sufferers might also experience any combination of these symptoms. The severity of the symptoms might differ from person to person as well. That said, these are the most common symptoms related to heartburn.

What Kind of Foods Might Trigger Heartburn and Avoid When Prone to Heartburn?

We all have to eat food to survive, but certain types of foods are far more likely to trigger heartburn symptoms than others. Indeed, certain foods have built a reputation for triggering heartburn in almost every person who has to deal with them. Therefore, it is ideal to have a list of foods that you are all but certain will cause heartburn symptoms for yourself.

WebMD explains that the types of foods that trigger heartburn in one person might not be the same foods that trigger it in another:

The specific triggers for heartburn differ from person to person. Mama Mia’s marinara may always spell trouble for you. But your spouse may lick the plate clean and sit back with a satisfied belly and a smile. What can lead to heartburn may surprise you. Stay away from foods you know will give you heartburn. It’s not just about the food you eat. How and when you exercise and what you take to relieve your aches and pains may also cause that burning feeling.

More Information About Foods to Avoid When Prone to Heartburn

You should take any list of foods that trigger heartburn with a grain of salt. Often, learning what kind of foods trigger heartburn in you is a trial-and-error process that you need to figure out for yourself. That said, a few of the foods that commonly cause heartburn symptoms in many patients include the following:

– Alcohol

– Garlic

– Black pepper

– Spicy foods of any kind

– Chocolate

– Citrus foods

– Tomatoes

– Coffee

– Caffeinated drinks

These foods and beverages tend to stir up stomach acids in one’s body which is typically the first thing that has to happen to cause a heartburn attack. It is ideal to put these foods on a banned list so that you don’t risk creating more severe heartburn symptoms for yourself. Remember, these are foods to avoid when prone to heartburn. So, kindly keep a note of them.

Which Foods Are Good for Heartburn?

There are foods to avoid when prone to heartburn and there are also, of course, good foods for you. Some foods are good for managing heartburn symptoms. John Hopkins University states that approximately 20% of the population has gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This is a difficult thing to deal with, but there are certain types of foods that one can put into their diet to find some relief from the symptoms of heartburn that they have been dealing with.

High-Fiber Foods

The great thing about high-fiber foods is that they make you feel more full quickly. This might help you avoid the temptation to overeat. Overeating is a major reason many people end up with heartburn symptoms. A few of the high-fiber foods that you might want to add to your rotation include the following:

– Oatmeal

– Sweet potatoes

– Carrots

– Beets

– Broccoli

– Green beans

These foods are also healthy choices for other reasons as well. You should consider putting them at the forefront of your diet. It can help you reduce your symptoms of heartburn and also improve your overall health picture in general.

Alkaline Foods

High-pH foods are alkaline and can help reduce some of the acid buildup that might cause problems in your stomach and throughout your body. Therefore, including alkaline foods in your diet is a great way to combat the acid that contributes to heartburn in many people. Therefore, including at least some alkaline foods in your diet is important to improve the chances of reducing heartburn symptoms.

A few alkaline foods include:

– Bananas

– Nuts

– Melons

Don’t miss out on including these foods. They can help immediately combat heartburn symptoms you may have regularly.

High Water Content Foods

Foods with plenty of water can help dilute the stomach acids churning around in your body. Getting more of them into your diet can bring down the total acids that are in your body to begin with. A few options for you include the following:

– Watermelon

– Cucumber

– Herbal tea

– Lettuce

– Celery

These foods all contain a significant amount of water, and many are high in essential vitamins and minerals. You will enjoy many benefits from adding these specific foods to your diet, and that is yet another good reason to do so. Consider this, and purchase some of these foods the next time you visit the grocery store.

There are foods to avoid when prone to heartburn and other foods that you should add to your diet. Make sure you know which is which, and start to curb the issues of heartburn that you might experience in your life.